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New Workshop Series: Multimodal Design Fundamentals

New Workshop Series: Multimodal Design Fundamentals

For the first time in four years, Ideaplatz has launched a new full-length workshop offering. Based on the content from Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz’s new book Design Beyond Devices, our new workshop Multimodal Design Fundamentals walks participants through a wide range of concepts, frameworks, and techniques that will prepare them for delivering advanced multimodal and cross-channel experiences.

Participants from our inaugural corporate class at a Big 4 consulting client were enthusiastic about the experience:

Cheryl, thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable 3-day workshop! Looking forward to looking through all the content again.

Thanks for an amazing workshop Cheryl! I can’t tell you how inspirational it was… much needed! 

This workshop series is highly interactive, with 6 exercises in each module encompassing MURAL activities (in the remote version), research practice, and improv exercises. Learn more about the workshop at the dedicated workshop page here on the site.

Bookings are available for private clients and for public conference appearances. Availability for full-length series bookings is limited, so please contact us about booking your workshop as early as possible.

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