What are workshops?

Workshops are practical, hands-on, content-rich deep dives into new topics or critical design skills. Rates vary based on length, travel requirements and expected attendance, and include both flat rate and door split options. To inquire about booking a workshop, contact us at

Available workshops

Giving Voice to Your Voice Designs

Everything you need to deliver production-quality voice interface designs (VUIs)
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(coming soon) Half the Blank Page

Storyboarding for natural user interfaces: build empathy in your stakeholders by bringing the context of use to life quickly.

About the instructor

Cheryl Platz was the initial product designer and VUI designer for the newly-announced Echo Look at Amazon. Her experience with voice user interfaces dates back to her work in 2006 on one of the first voice-enabled titles for the Nintendo DS (Disney Friends). Since then, she’s had the incredible opportunity to work on voice UI for Alexa, Cortana, and Windows Automotive. Cheryl has contributed to new product design and natural user interface design for consumer devices, video games, PCs, and cars. While she’s been passionately working on natural user interfaces and product design for years, until now working directly on cutting-edge experiences limited her ability to speak on the topic.