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New workshop: UXLx Masters with UX Lisbon

New workshop: UXLx Masters with UX Lisbon

It’s been a busy year adjusting to the new pandemic normal, emceeing Rosenfeld Media conferences, and writing Design Beyond Devices, but the time has finally come to return to workshops with both classic content and brand new content, available worldwide!

Expect several announcements for the Winter 2021 season, but we’re excited to share the first: Cheryl has joined the lineup of UXLx Masters, hosted by the folks behind UX Lisbon. At the time of this writing, early bird tickets for the 3-day program from Feb 10-12 are still available for 295€ + VAT.

Each master class is designed to build upon content we’ve taught before, while still remaining accessible to folks who may be joining us for the first time. My 90-minute masterclass will focus on expanding voice experiences to exist in a multimodal world. We’ll take a look at my multimodal interaction models as depicted in my book Design Beyond Devices, and will work through example scenarios, converting voice scenarios to multimodal scenarios. I’ll also introduce you to some of the multimodal deliverable techniques included in my book.

Hope to see some of you there! If this isn’t the course for you, don’t worry – there are two completely different workshops coming in January and February that may align with your interests. Stay tuned — subscribe to our newsletter for updates when those workshops are available!

Part of the great lineup for UXLx Masters 2021!

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