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2 public talks for June 2021

2 public talks for June 2021

Our summer talk series is launching with 2 public talks and one academic talk in June! Future talks are coming in August and September – if you’re looking to book Cheryl for an appearance, reach out at or use our contact form. To get notified of upcoming appearances including talks, podcasts, and new public workshop opportunities, join the Ideaplatz mailing list.

June 10, 2021: Carnegie Mellon HCII Guest Lecture [Private Event]

Guest lecture for the Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute Masters’ Program (available for current students only) – talk begins at 4PM EST; contact Skip Shelley for information. If you’re interested in booking Cheryl for an academic lecture, reach out to; limited bookings are available for fall 2021.

June 16, 2021: UX Night: Design Beyond Devices with Cheryl Platz [Public Event]

JUX Salon from Tel Aviv is hosting “UX Night: Design Beyond Devices with Cheryl Platz” remotely via Zoom. A multi-time-zone friendly time: 5:45 PM Central European Time, 11:45 AM Eastern Time, and 8:45 AM Pacific. Register for free at Eventbrite here.

“Join us to meet the author of Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences, Cheryl Platz. Did you ever wonder how you might approach designing the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, where crew members move fluidly between physical controls, touchscreens, voice controls, holograms, and more? Such a complex design challenge requires a robust set of underlying systems that adapt to human needs and offer plenty of flexibility in the moment. In this talk, multimodal design expert Cheryl Platz walks you through the 4 key themes in her new book Design Beyond Devices – and shows you how they may help you take your next steps towards the final frontier.”

June 29, 2021: Capturing Customer Context in a Post-COVID World with Design Buddies [Public Event]

Cheryl meets with the growing Design Buddies community to discuss tactics for expanding our customer understanding for multimodal and cross-device experiences. Stay tuned for event details at the Design Buddies Event Calendar.

Is your customer experience straining at the seams? Have your customers moved from office to home, and your charter along with it? Designing for the next generation of experiences requires up-leveling your understanding of your customer’s context – and everything we thought we knew pre-pandemic has changed. Will anyone ever want to touch a shared whiteboard marker again? In the face of this complexity, how do you ask the right questions and set yourself up for success? Multimodal design expert Cheryl Platz shares a framework for exploring deeper human context inspired by her time in improvisational theater, and walks you through how these dimensions and insights will unlock greater success for your complex products and experiences. Inspired by Chapters 2 and 7 of Cheryl’s new book from Rosenfeld Media, Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences

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