Collaborative Creativity through Improv

Take a peek behind the curtain as two technologists who double as professional improvisors demonstrate some of the key principles they apply not just onstage, but in their work with cutting-edge technology and heavy collaboration.

Improvisational theater performers create an environment where creativity is maximized within an environment of listening and non-judgmental collaboration.  Together, Cheryl and a guest improvisor perform scenes that demonstrate 3 key improv principles, before teaching a take-home improv group game to the audience. These principles directly apply to the work that interaction designers perform, but can also be applied to any creative process that requires group creativity.

Want more information about the content? Review the slides for “Collaborative Creativity through Improv”, as presented at this talk’s debut at DesignOps Summit 2018.

Delivery Options

This session runs a minimum of 30-40 minutes, and can be expanded to 60-minute sessions if desired. A minimum of one local guest improvisor will be required to perform scenes with Cheryl onstage. A/V needs will include handheld mics or headset/lav mics for performers. Audience interactivity can be scaled per organizer preference from simple suggestion-getting to large-scale audience group games.

Conferences in regions without established improv communities may need to cover travel costs for both speakers.

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Full video: DesignOps Summit 2018

Photos from DesignOps Summit 2018

Photos by Jake Winsett, BellyFire Productions and copyright Rosenfeld Media.