Multimodal Design Fundamentals

Ideaplatz has launched a new workshop series based on Cheryl’s 2020 book from Rosenfeld Media, Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences: Multimodal Design Fundamentals. Whether your team has a mandate to add smart speakers to your existing experiences or you’re struggling with how to go beyond screen readers to make inclusivity work for everyone using your product, these workshops will help elevate and future-proof your work. Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz is one of the world’s foremost experts on wrangling this considerable complexity at the future’s bleeding edge, and she can help you and your team take those first steps towards the final frontier.


Depending on your team size, desire for direct discussion, and interest in specific modules, this content consumes a minimum of 9 hours across 3 sessions or 1 full business day, but can be expanded to provide more detail and interactivity as this is the minimum length of time for the many activities included in the curriculum. Each module includes 6 interactive exercises, spanning a variety of techniques – from improvisational exercises and mock interviews to affinity diagramming, atomic design, and creating new deliverables like an interruption matrix.

For teams that have not worked with voice user interfaces before, a fourth 3-4 hour module specifically oriented towards voice user interface considerations is also recommended.

The workshop is available for booking for both private corporate workshops and for public conferences in both remote and in-person formats (in-person is subject to additional time and travel fees).

Course Outline

The Spectrum of Multimodality
The Spectrum of Multimodality is one of the core concepts taught in t

MODULE 1: Multimodal Basics

  • Part 1: Spectrum of Multimodality
  • Part 2: Multimodal traps
  • Part 3: Transitions and Orchestration

Exercises: Ideation, evaluation, risk assessment

MODULE 2: Multimodal Systems Design (3 hours)

  • PART 1: Capturing Context
  • PART 2: Activity Models
  • PART 3: Interruptions

Exercises: CROW interviews, activity model affinities, interruption inventory, interruption matrix

MODULE 3: Multimodal Design (3 hours)

  • Part 1: Envisioning
  • Part 2: Iterating
  • Part 3: Delivering

Exercises: Storyboarding, flows, atomic design

Participant Feedback

“Thank you Cheryl for putting these sessions together for us. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the learnings and we’ll likely be using the frameworks and techniques in a number of our projects to come.”

Multimodal Design Fundamentals corporate workshop participant, June 2021

“Thanks for an amazing workshop Cheryl! I can’t tell you how inspirational it was… much needed!” 

Multimodal Design Fundamentals corporate workshop participant, June 2021

“Cheryl, thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable 3-day workshop! Looking forward to looking through all the content again.”

Multimodal Design Fundamentals corporate workshop participant, June 2021

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