Design Beyond Websites: What is Dead May Never Die

News of the website’s death has been greatly exaggerated, but we can no longer assume our customers will sit down at a single device to complete tasks. Reality is more complicated: a single experience might span a website, a mobile app, a smart speaker, and a car. The future is multi-modal… and multi-device. By embracing new frameworks for modeling human experience and a multidevice perspective, our products can adapt to human needs in the moment, as opposed to forcing adaptations upon us.

Whether you’re designing a cutting edge multi-modal experience or a broad, cross-channel customer journey, you’ll walk away with a taxonomy for representing human behavior, as well as example processes and deliverables you can apply when tackling these problems on your product.

The Basics

  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Topic: Multimodality and cross-device experiences
  • Content scope: Practical / Apply Immediately
  • Audience: Web developers, product managers, UX designers, UX researchers
  • Bonus: Narrative theme (Game of Thrones)

The narrative version of this talk does not shorten beyond 45 minutes. For shorter timeslots, we offer a Capturing Customer Context talk which fits in a 30-minute talk slot but drops the theming and the cross-device focus.

As seen at…

An Event Apart Fall Summit, October 2020

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Photo of Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz on the Iron Throne. Yes, THAT Iron Throne. Taken on the set in Belfast, Ireland, 2017.