Design Education

Our most sought-after service is design education for cutting-edge topics not traditionally offered in university or bootcamp curriculums. Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz has delivered these talks and workshops on 5 continents and in 15 countries including the United States, Kenya, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Budapest, Colombia, Scotland, Britain, Germany, Greece, Korea, and Japan.

Topics of focus

Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz has a unique background that spans new and in-demand. Current topics include natural user interfaces, multimodality, design process improvements, applied improvisation, and design ethics.

Natural user interfaces and multimodality

Design process

Applied improvisation

Design ethics and society

Offerings take the form of traditional keynotes, breakout sessions and panels, and workshops of varying levels of length and complexity. Ideaplatz content appears both at public conferences and private/corporate events.

In 2020, Cheryl published her first book, Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences. Existing courses were updated, where appropriate, to incorporate that content. New courses, talks, and educational materials are being launched to support and extend the content covered in the book.

In addition to the content listed above, inquiries are accepted for custom engagements on topics not listed above. Custom topics may incur an additional content preparation fee.

Free educational materials

As part of the support for her Design Beyond Devices tour, Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz is offering a series of free downloadable resources tied to the content in the book. To learn more, visit the Design Beyond Devices book landing page.

In addition, the Ideaplatz blog on Medium features some of Cheryl’s writing on topics including conversational user interfaces, artificial intelligence, and the design process.

Cheryl teaches “Giving Voice to Your Voice Designs” at POP in Seattle.