Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz is unique in her ability to inspire and inform audiences on a wide variety of topics, bringing audiences of all technical abilities along on narrative journeys and leaving them with specific takeaways no matter what the subject matter. Contact us via email for a quote for your event – fees vary based on travel arrangements, streaming rights and whether custom content is requested. Discounts provided for documented nonprofit organizations. Please share venue, dates, expected attendance, and a link to your event’s ticketing page if available.

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Popular Keynotes

Cheryl’s most popular keynotes are designed for audiences of all skill levels to take away actionable insights. They’re also designed to age timelessly, with light updates keeping the core messaging relevant.

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Specialty Talks

These more unique talks provide more specialized insight, and resonate with audiences looking for subject matter expertise. Whether your audience is looking for new customer outreach techniques, new collaboration techniques inspired by Cheryl’s time as an improv performer and teacher, or futurist insights into the world of voice user experience, there’s a world of opportunities available.

About the speaker

As a speaker on technology and design topics, Cheryl Platz draws from her deep cross-industry experience: enterprise technology (Microsoft), consumer technology (Amazon, Microsoft), entertainment (Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Disney Parks), and global philanthropy (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) as well as her professional acting career to create engaging, dynamic talks that will linger in the minds of your audiences. Cheryl takes care to provide actionable inspiration and concrete takeaways in her talks.

Cheryl has spoken and performed in front of audiences overt 1,500, and is comfortable with all forms of live performance and broadcast.

In-person speaking highlights

US Events

  • SFWA Nebula Awards 2023: Toastmaster and Panelist (Anaheim)
  • DesignOps Summit 2019 (NYC)
  • Interaction 2019 (Seattle)
  • UX Week 2018 (SF)
  • Interaction 2017 (NYC)

European Events

  • UX Scotland 2019
  • Amuse UX 2018 (Budapest)
  • DevIt 360 2018 (Thessaloniki)
  • UX London 2018
  • Webdagene 2017 (Oslo)
  • Euro IA 2017 (Stockholm)
  • Design Matters DK 2017 (Copenhagen)
  • UX Lisbon 2017

Other Continents

  • Interaction Latin America 2019 (Medellin, Colombia)
  • UX Days Tokyo 2019
  • UX Days Seoul 2019

Remote speaking highlights

US Events

  • Interaction 2021
  • Interaction 2022
  • UXPA New Hampshire (2021)
  • Voiceflow Keynote (2021)
  • CHIFOO (2022)
  • Advancing Research 2020 (emcee)
  • Enterprise Experience 2020 (emcee)

International Events

  • UX Salon 2021
  • UXLX Masters 2021
  • Mind the Product 2020

[ Popular Keynotes | Specialty Talks | About the Speaker ]