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From Blank Page to World Stage

Most designers are experts at improving upon existing experiences – but how does your process translate to a brand new product? Join Cheryl Platz, first designer on the Echo Look, as she share some of the processes and techniques she used to help get the Echo Look from a blue-sky idea to a tangible, validated experience in the hands of customers worldwide. How can you take your information architecture, storyboarding and research skills and apply them in a rapid-fire, high-stakes environment behind a veil of secrecy? You’ll leave with a clearer picture of how your own skills translate to new product work, and what to keep in mind during the most difficult moments of the process.

Computer Engineer Barbie: Inspiring the next generation of computer scientists with IxD

One of the biggest challenges in inspiring students to pursue computer science classes is the lack of real-world context provided. IxD workshops at the high school level solve this problem by connecting students to the real-world impact of their technical work. We walk through the case for introducing design at the high school level, and the results we’ve seen from work with hundreds of high school students.
Delivered at: Interaction ’11. GeekGirlCon 2011, IxDA Seattle

Coming Soon: The Future of Voice

Cheryl uses the shortcomings of today’s voice user interfaces to frame the future path for the industry. Debuts at Webdagene Oslo 2017.

About the speaker

As a speaker on technology and design topics, Cheryl Platz draws from her deep cross-industry experience (including time at Amazon, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Disney) and her professional acting career to create engaging, dynamic talks that will linger in the minds of your audiences. Cheryl takes care to provide actionable inspiration and concrete takeaways in her talks.

Cheryl has spoken and performed in front of audiences up to 1,500, and is comfortable with all forms of live performance and broadcast. Highlights from her speaking career: Design Matters 2017, EuroIA 2017, User Experience Lisbon 2017, IxDA Interaction ’11 and ’17, GeekGirlCon ’11 and ’13, Emerald City ComicCon, Puget Sound SIGCHI, and Carnegie Mellon University amongst a wide variety of other engagements.