Are you looking for an expert in multimodal design, voice user experience design, enterprise systems design, or design ethics to help you work through your toughest problems at a strategic level? Discuss your business challenges with Cheryl on a private basis to get personalized insights. Consulting availability is extremely limited and we recommend booking in advance if possible.

We offer a free 30-minute exploratory call to see whether a consultation would be a good match for your firm; please email to book.

Please note: due to Cheryl’s current role at Riot Games, we do not currently accept requests for consulting in the video game industry to avoid any conflict of interest.


  • Voice assistants
  • Notifications
  • Chatbots
  • Touch and gesture input
  • Natural language understanding
  • Productivity tools
  • Extended reality
  • Interactive content platforms

Strategic topics

  • Cross-channel strategy
  • Spectrum of multimodality
  • Risk assessment & design ethics
  • Growing design orgs
  • Inclusive design
  • Service design
  • Employee productivity
  • Community design


  • Enterprise UX design
  • Admin experience design
  • Consumer products design
  • Journey mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • Customer outreach
  • Presentation design and technique
  • Building shared understanding

Summer 2023 Rate Card

ServiceIncludedNot coveredPricing
Introductory Remote Consult
– Up to 2 hours of discussion (remote or async over email/Slack)
– Digital copy of Design Beyond Devices
– Deliverables
– Hands-on work
– Workshop facilitation
Basic Consulting, Hourly
– Prior Introductory Remote Consult
– Paypal or Credit Card billing only
– Discussions
– Meeting preparation
– Research
– Participation in workshops
– Workshop design
– Workshop facilitation
– Hands-on generation of new IP or content
– Travel
Strategic Advisory package
For deeper engagement or companies that must bill through vendor arrangements.
– Up to 8 billable hours: meetings, meeting prep, material review and research, document preparation, presentations
– Vendor intake with your company to support net 30 payment methods
– Up to 2 hours of email communication
– Hands-on generation of new IP or content
– No refunds if package is not fully utilized.
– Travel (custom package required)
$4000 per 8 hrs
(Repeat bookings that do not require additional vendor intake: 10% discount)
Workshop package– Workshop facilitation
– Workshop customization
– Public broadcast or posting of workshop dataVaries based on content, length, and attendees. Starts at $7,500 for existing half-day workshops for up to 30 remote attendees.
Speaking package– Keynote or similar talkCorporate/paid conferences start at $5,000 for 30 minutes or less and $10K for keynotes, depending on content. Inquire about nonprofit rates.