Ideaplatz: the road to great design. We offer design inspiration that empowers today’s designers to build tomorrow’s experiences. Founder Cheryl Platz is an internationally recognized designer, author, speaker, and instructor. Our services are available for conferences, corporate training, and individual coaching. Contact us today to book Ideaplatz services or Cheryl’s expertise.

Cheryl is the author of Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Design Experiences, published by Rosenfeld Media in December 2020. Book a talk or workshop to bring the content from Cheryl’s book to life in your team’s design toolbox. To learn more about our new content in support of Design Beyond Devices – as well as access free downloads and podcasts – visit the new Ideaplatz Design Beyond Devices book site or our public Events Calendar.

Cheryl speaks in front of a packed house at Amuse UX 2018 in Budapest, Hungary


"Do it! The workshop is fun, engaging, and incredibly useful. Cheryl is an extremely engaging speaker- not one second of the workshop was boring!"
"Thank you Cheryl for putting these sessions together for us. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the learnings and we’ll likely be using the frameworks and techniques in a number of our projects to come. "
"Thank you! That was really interesting, entertaining, unexpected, got me thinking. Onwards to the (next) final frontier!"
"The exercises were the best of all other masterclasses I visited because it integrated MURAL. I really liked your lively style of talking. It was very refreshing compared to the other speakers. And the good examples from your experience about how hard certain things were, like thinking about the transitions."
"Having my mind blown by @funnygodmother with her deep understanding of multimodality and models for #interactivity. Her book is now on my reading list. Amazing speaker at our internal #WomeninTeams conference #Boost21"
"Gave us concrete examples of real world items she worked on and they ran into and solved issues and showed us how to think and plan through diagramming a skill using the Mural board. That set up was great!"


Selection from one of the MURAL boards from our Multimodal Design Fundamentals workshop series
New Workshop Series: Multimodal Design Fundamentals
June 7, 2021
For the first time in four years, Ideaplatz has launched a new full-length workshop offering. Based on the content from Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz's new book Design Beyond Devices, our ...
Promo image for UX Salon: Design Beyond Devices
UX Salon: Slides, Video, and Follow-up
June 17, 2021
What a great international turnout we had for the UX Salon "UX Night: Design Beyond Devices with Cheryl Platz" event on June 16! Hundreds of folks tuned in live across both Zoom and YouTube...
Promo image for UX Salon: Design Beyond Devices
2 public talks for June 2021
June 10, 2021
Our summer talk series is launching with 2 public talks and one academic talk in June! Future talks are coming in August and September - if you're looking to book Cheryl for an appearance, ...
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