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Expanded corporate training available

This week, Cheryl had the honor of leading a two-day conversational UI workshop for a talented group of designers and other futurists at BMW Group in Munich, Germany. Thanks to everyone on the team for the opportunity, and the excellent questions along the way!

Is your design team looking to level up their skills in the face of increased input and output complexity?
Our workshops can help. Reach out to us today to discuss a single or multi-day workshop plan customized to your team’s needs.

Choose from these popular full day workshops and mix and match to fit within your training budget:

  • Giving Voice to your Voice Designs
  • Conversation beyond voice: chatbots, multimodal design, and research techniques
  • Personality for Conversational Agents
  • Storyboarding for Product Design
  • Collaborative Creativity through Improv

Want to learn more? Reach out today. International rates start at $6500 for a single day workshop, and $3500 for each additional day added. Travel surcharge may apply for some dates and locations. (Seattle-area clients can inquire about availability no-travel discounts.)

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