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Two new talk videos available: Interaction 18 and Microsoft Research

It’s been an eventful few months for Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz. In February, she had the honor of following Alan Cooper on the Interaction 18 main stage in Lyon, France. Check out the video on Vimeo.

And in March this year, Microsoft Research published the video debut of the full-length “Future of Voice” talk she delivered as an invited speaker in December. The video also includes post-talk discussion with attendees including Bill Buxton. Check out the video on the Microsoft Research site.

Cheryl also had the pleasure of presenting her “Giving Voice to your Voice Designs” workshop at the Office Design Group’s internal AI day in April 2018.

Next up: UX London (“Future of Voice” and “Giving Voice to your Voice Designs”) and DevIT 360 (debuting a brand new talk!)

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