The Future of Voice

Far from HAL or Her, the current generation of voice interfaces represents an incredibly important step forward – but the journey to the next generation of experiences is far from over. In this talk, Cheryl Platz draws from her extensive experience to highlight several key shortcomings of today’s voice user interfaces. As we examine these shortcomings, we discover important opportunities for today’s product teams. These opportunities impact all disciplines – AI, design, product management, and business development in particular.

Delivery Options

This talk is available in short form (20-30 minutes) and keynote length (45 minutes). The longer form covers additional design opportunities. As this is a future-focused talk, the content is regularly updated to address emerging developments in the field.

As seen at…

  • Amuse UX 2018 (40 minutes): Budapest, Hungary
  • UX London 2018 (45 minutes)
  • Microsoft Research (45 minutes): Redmond, Washington
  • Webdagene 2017 (20 minutes): Oslo, Norway

Amuse UX 2018, Budapest

Long form: UX London 2018

The Future of Voice: Cheryl Platz, UX London 2018 from Clearleft on Vimeo.

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