Design Beyond Devices @ UX Salon TLV

Remote (Zoom)

How might you approach designing the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, where crew members move fluidly between physical controls, touchscreens, voice controls, holograms, and more? Such a complex design challenge requires a robust set of underlying systems that adapt to human needs and offer plenty of flexibility in the moment. In this talk, multimodal design […]


The Carousel of Progress: Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World

Remote (Zoom Webinar)

Human progress leaps forward thanks to inciting incidents. Sometimes it's an invention: electricity, the combustion engine, television. And sometimes it's an event, like the Spanish Flu or World War II.  We now find ourselves facing another inciting incident: the COVID-19 pandemic. Progress is inevitable - customer expectations and needs have changed drastically in the last […]