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UX Days Tokyo & Seoul 2019

UX Days Tokyo & Seoul 2019

Cheryl is honored this week to speak at both UX Days Tokyo and the inaugural UX Days Seoul!

UX Days 2019 marks the debut of Cheryl’s new brand new talk, Voice User Interface Design: New Solutions for Old Problems. (Click here to download Cheryl’s UX Days 2019 talk slides in PDF form: 18MB.)

Based on one of Cheryl’s most popular Medium posts, this new talk reflects upon the success of today’s voice interfaces and provides a framework for beginning your product’s voice design journey. Cheryl is bringing this talk later this year to An Event Apart in Chicago, and to Interaction Latin America in October.

In addition to the talks, Cheryl brought her renowned full-day VUI design workshop to UX Days. Seoul’s workshop was a great success, and we look forward to Sunday’s workshop in Tokyo!

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