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New improv for design talk premiered at DesignOps Summit 2018

This week in New York City, Cheryl took the stage with local guest performer Jason Specland to bring a brand new keynote-length talk to the attendees of Rosenfeld Media’s DesignOps Summit 2018.

In this brand new talk, Cheryl outlines three key improvisational principles and how they can be directly applied to our roles as design leaders. Along the way, Cheryl and Jason perform improvisational games that reflect these principles and show how embracing the unknown can lead to engaging outcomes. Cheryl and Jason also taught the audience several take-home group improv games to take back to their teams.

Full video: DesignOps Summit 2018

Check out some of the Tweets below, or peek at the slides on Slideshare.

This talk is available for conferences looking to increase energy or shake up a densely packed talk schedule – and the beauty of this talk is it will never be exactly the same twice due to the dynamic nature of the games and scenes. Interested? Reach out to us at info@ideaplatz.comIf you’re looking to book this talk, please book early, as extra time is required to secure a guest performer for these presentations.

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