Announcing Cheryl’s 2020 “Design Beyond Devices” tour

In the second half of 2020, Ideaplatz founder Cheryl Platz will release her first book, Design Beyond Devices, in partnership with the trailblazing design publishing house Rosenfeld Media.

In support of that release, Cheryl is honored to return to the An Event Apart stage in 2020 with four confirmed AEA speaking dates across the United States in Boston, Minneapolis, Orlando, and San Francisco. She’s also excited to make her debut as a conference emcee at the inaugural Advancing Research conference in New York City (hosted by Rosenfeld Media.)

Full list of confirmed 2020 appearances

A brand new talk on multimodality

For all of this year’s An Event Apart speaking engagements, Cheryl is debuting a brand new talk about multimodal design based on concepts from her upcoming book Design Beyond Devices.

Designing Beyond Websites: What is dead may never die
News of the website’s death has been greatly exaggerated, but we can no longer assume our customers will sit down at a single device to complete tasks. Reality is more complicated: a single experience might span a website, a mobile app, a smart speaker, and a car. The future is multi-modal… and multi-device. By embracing new frameworks for modeling human experience and a multidevice perspective, our products can adapt to human needs in the moment, as opposed to forcing adaptations upon us.

Whether you’re designing a cutting edge multi-modal experience or a broad, cross-channel customer journey, you’ll walk away with a taxonomy for representing human behavior, as well as example processes and deliverables you can apply when tackling these problems on your product .

Additional 2020 inquiries

Cheryl is looking to book one or two Pacific Northwest regional events in 2020, and may consider one or two international engagements. In addition to this new talk, 2 talks that debuted in 2019 – “Opti-Pessimism” and “Giving Voice to your Voice Designs” – are also available. If you’d like to discuss adding your event to Cheryl’s 2020 tour, please reach out at

Cheryl onstage at Amuse UX 2018 in Budapest
Cheryl discussing multimodality onstage in Budapest